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   Super Enamelled Copper winding wires / Magnet wire
   Enamelled Copper Strips
   Winding Wire for Submersible Pump Motors
   Paper covered Copper Strips / Wires (Round & Rectangular)
   Copper Flats / Profiles

    The product range is truly wide and comprehensive from SWG 12 to SWG 40 (including equivalent metric sizes), and offer wires of quality intermediate and fine range as per IS 13730 and parts, as well as international standards like pace with the dynamic requirements of the industry.


Product Specification
P V A Polyvinyl Acetal resin E 105ºC 317 - 1 Tough film with excellent windability. Good resistance to chemical and transformer oil. Available in natural, red and green colors for armature winding. Motor in general, rotating machines, armatures, electromagnetic coils and oil filled transformers.
Polyster Polyster B 130ºC 317 - 34 Balanced electrical and mechanical properties. Sufficient thermal stability. Good insulation resistance. Motors, generally of class B up to class F and motors for washing machines.
Modified Polyster Isocyanurate Polyster F 155ºC 317 - 3 Excels Polyster wire in thermal shock and mechanical properties. FHP motors and generally of class B to F, rotating machines and electromagnetic industries.
H - Class THEIC Polyesterimide H 180ºC 317 - 8 Higher thermal endurance. Excels regular polyster in thermoplastic flow, abrasion and heat shock. Motors, generally of class F to H, Power tools and suitable for mixer motor and washing machine industries.
Dual Coated THEIC Modified polyster (imide) with Poly Amide-imide Over coated C 200ºC 317 - 13 All features of TERIMIDE with improved mechanical properties, excellent windability and good resistance to Freon gas. Dry type tranformers, Hermetic motors, Automotive alternator stators, and solenoids.
Self - Soldrable Modified Polyurethane F 155ºC 317 - 20 Superior solderability, moisture resistance. High Ignition coils, Low voltage transformers, relays, solenoids, Electronics, Telecommunication equipments.


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